The Great Works

These are some of the dishes that have made Chef Bruce famous and will continue to make Bogartz Food Arts one of Knoxville’s best food trucks. Our menu changes frequently so we can keep it creative, adjust to the seasons, and use all of the colors on our palette (to paint masterpieces on your palettes). Check our menu to see what is in our gallery right now.

The Artist

Chef Bruce Bogartz has delivered his unique culinary expertise in Knoxville for almost 30 years.  He has been named Knoxville's Favorite Chef 6 times, and featured in many national publications. Bruce is passionate about food and people. From innovative new dishes to traditional comfort foods, Bruce loves to serve up top quality dishes. He thrives on interacting with his customers many of whom end up as friends.

Nicknamed the ‘Rambling Chef’, Bruce has worked in numerous establishments and participated in charity events all over town. We decided that the best way for Bruce to work his art for folks all over, is to take the 'Rambling Chef' moniker literally. The Bogartz Food Artz truck is a moving showcase. Bruce creates seasonal and ethnic specialties mixing in new dishes with old favorites from this unique food truck. He can also do theme/location specific menus and create the perfect custom menu to cater your special event. If you are a longtime fan, we hope we can bring your favorite dishes closer to you. If you have never eaten with Bruce, but appreciate great food and a fun environment, come out and meet us. Stay tuned here to see where Bruce is rambling and what masterpieces he is featuring.

Where We Are

Hungry for the best food truck food in Knoxville right now. If we are parked and serving somewhere, you’ll see a map below with our location. If we are out of service, or you are planning a future visit, continue down the page for our event calendar.

Darn It! You Just Missed Us.

Even the most creative food truck in Knoxville needs some ‘down time.’ We are probably in transit, or just outside of our serving hours for the day. To see if we are gone for an extended period of time you can check the event calendar that follows, or go over to our events page. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can find us easily. Better yet, follow us on Twitter to get real time updates from us. You can also contact us to ask a question, schedule catering, or let us know what is on your mind. We will be back to bring you Knoxville’s best food truck food as soon as we can !

Chef Bruce

Where We’ll Be

Want to plan a visit in the future? You can see our scheduled stops marked on the calendar. Click on the shift link to see where you can find the your favorite food truck in Knoxville in the near future. You can also check out our events page to see where we will be. And of course, you can always contact us to schedule a catering event, suggest a new location, or ask a question.


Featured Masterpieces
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